Doing the Lord’s Work: 90210, Stupid

Beverly Hills, 90210 (Photo: Fox)
Beverly Hills, 90210 (Photo: Fox)

Now that SoapNet has enter the big cable box in the sky, where can one go for a daily fix of Beverly Hills, 90210? Tumblr to the rescue!

There is so much to love about the Tumblr blog 90210, Stupid. First, a well-curated screencap blog is able to find new humor in clunky line deliveries and unfortunate presses of the pause button. Second, we get a time capsule of the fashions of the day, most of which did not age well. Like, at all. Third, we get to re-experience the trials and tribulations of the teens of West Beverly.

The blog recently restarted its coverage of season one, so it’s the perfect time to start following the photos. There’s also the occasional gif, such as this one from the 1960s episode:

Good job 90210, Stupid: you are most certainly doing the Lord’s work.

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  • Tara Rose

    I also appreciate the special attention they give to the most 90210-y episodes – the 1960s one, “Donna Martin graduate!”, etc.

  • dresspw

    Just saw this. I run 90210stupid, thanks for the flattery!