Irresponsible! Index: The Biggest Loser Season 15 Episode 12

The Biggest Loser (Photo: NBC)
The Biggest Loser (Photo: NBC)

This week’s The Biggest Loser promises the most shocking weigh-in of the season. We’ll see.

As a personal trainer and avid reality television fan, I find The Biggest Loser to be one of the most compelling and frustrating shows on television. Every week I rank the most appalling situations, quotes, and people on a scale from mildly irresponsible to downright dangerous.

Mildly Irresponsible

Rachel on those burpees…that bitch is sick’ning, as RuPaul would say. I know it’s not irresponsible, but it is worth noting. Hell, it makes me feel irresponsible whenever I have to do burpees, because they do not look like that for a full 100 reps.

Ali Sweeney, if you’re going to (attempt to) explain curling, at least explain why they use the brooms. That is the most baffling/stupid part of curling to the layperson.

Lolo Jones’ sob story is difficult to relate to. “I wasn’t even the top 8 in the world!” Holy crap, what a giant loser, right, folks? *eye roll*

Moderately Irresponsible

When my husband saw Apollo Ohno show up, he immediately thought Subway would be involved. This is the kind of cynicism this program inspires.

I don’t know how Bobby can “sprint” without bending his knees, but it looks like an accident waiting to happen.

The “let’s run up a bobsled track” challenge is one of the most horrifying I’ve seen on this show, and that is saying something. Of course, Rachel demonstrated an insane fortitude I haven’t seen since Tara back in the day, who coincidentally also wore green.

Severely Irresponsible

If these people have a problem with Rachel winning the curling challenge, maybe they should have tried harder to win it for themselves. Just saying.

Bob’s t-shirt “No Guts” is either a challenge to do things with gusto, or a way to shame people with beer bellies.

Criminally Irresponsible

They’re bitching about how worried they are about eating…at the Olympic damn Training Center! You can get salad there, people. Relax. Stop making so many excuses. Every time they have to leave the ranch, they act like this. They are doomed when they go home…except Rachel, who is the star of this episode in my opinion.

Why did they have to weigh in outside in the freezing cold? Tanya looked like she was going to shiver off an extra pound right there. God, this show.

Weigh-in Results

ContestantStartFINALPercentageTOTAL LOST

Bobby and Jay both gained weight in the “most shocking weigh-in ever,” which is rather hyperbolic. It is true, though, that to the best of my recollection there have never been two people who have gained weight below the yellow line. Because Jay is basically done losing weight and is a big threat in the future triathlon, he and his stinky old hat are sent home to live out his rodeo dreams.

Next week: makeovers! Featuring Tim Gunn! Make it work, y’all!

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