Exquisite Corpse: Sleepy Hollow returns Monday

Sleepy Hollow (Photo: Fox)
Sleepy Hollow (Photo: Fox)

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow enters the homestretch of its first season tonight. Though no corpse is as exquisite as this one recapping Ichabod’s adventures.

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow was pitched as a twenty-first century update on Washington Irving’s early-nineteenth century short story, and looks like The Following meets National Treasure, only if Sean Bean was missing a few pounds above the neck. Ichabod and the good leftenant are on the trail of a witch who’s trying to bring about her own resurrection as Sleepy Hollow sets up a monster-of-the-week format that is still watchable, if not quite as much fun as the pilot. Leftenant Abbie has to face her past with her sister and must face a faceless dream demon and when did Sleepy Hollow become Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Was it over when the Germans opened a hell gate and tried to bring about Armageddon?!

I would have written the teaser text in Middle English, but I don’t have that font on my computer. In the meanwhile: John Noble!! It’s like Christmas, but with more skulls! More like *neck*romancer, amIright Deputy Andy fans? Or: A Long Journey for Ichabod and Abbie Wherein They Encounter an Ent. All things about this show are not awesome.

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    Did I use that photo for one of the recaps? If not, why not? That photo expresses everything about this show. EVERYTHING. For starters, I’m looking at it, I’ve *seen* the episode, and I’m still trying to figure out what the what is going on there……..