Doing the Lord’s Work: @GoodTVeets

@GoodTVeets (Photo: Twitter avatar)
@GoodTVeets (Photo: Twitter avatar)

Sometimes reading tweets about last night’s TV is more entertaining than the programs you were live-tweeting. Enter @GoodTVeets, a compendium of hilarious observations.

The GoodTVeets project was started by Christine Becker, a Film, Television and Theatre professor at Notre Dame. On an almost daily basis, she collates TV and media related tweets in Storify as a hilarious time capsule of current events. I became aware of the project during the Fall 2011 Survivor finale when some of my tweets were getting favorited by an account I didn’t recognize. Usually when I get an interaction from a stranger—especially multiple interactions—I’ll check her/his account to see if it is worthwhile following. The next day, I saw that my tweets were getting extra exposure through the @GoodTVeets account.

Since then, regular contributors to the GoodTVeets project had a mini-con in Chicago1, we’re planning on meeting again at the Austin Television Experience festival, and we’ve helped Chris compile the Best of Good TVeets year-end spectacular. The 2013 edition was released this morning.

If you like to keep your tweetstream under control but want to read multiple views on what’s happening in television, I highly recommend following @GoodTVeets.

For a more manageable year-end introduction, check out the Top 40 TVeets of 2013.

  1. We watched Parks & Rec, Buffy, and the failed Wonder Woman pilot, then went out for pizza and drinks. Fun weekend!  

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