Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 2: Blood Moon

Ichabod and the good leftenant are on the trail of a witch who’s trying to bring about her own resurrection as Sleepy Hollow sets up a monster-of-the-week format that is still watchable, if not quite as much fun as the pilot.

Previously, on Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Crane used to fight for George Washington, beheaded a horseman, had a wife who wasn’t buried in a grave but was a witch, and convinced a small town1 cop to help him fight the powers of evil for the next seven years. You know something – these are surprisingly dull previouslies, and if you can’t be bothered to watch the first episode or read my recap, then you’re just going to have to sort all of this out for yourself. It won’t be that hard.

Distant sounds in the darkness and then we’re upside down watching Ichabod be chased by a person on horseback through the woods. This show loves it some upside down flipping the camera right side up as the person/horse/car passes over it shots2 and we get another one as Ichabod jumps, stumbles, and looks back in wide-eyed terror. The chase continues and we see it’s the Horseman (you know, the one without a head) in pursuit, now joined by three others with much more adventurous choices in the realm of millinery. I’m calling dream sequence on all this.

Despite the obvious tactical advantages of escaping mounted riders by cutting through the woods3 Ichabod sprints down a wide open trail and the Four Horsemen (for it is they!) gallop imposingly abreast in pursuit. He stops short at a barrier of thick vines4 which go all Evil-Dead-y on him, binding his legs and swirling around him despite his efforts to swat them away. The Horsemen draw near and Ichabod is pulled, rather unwillingly, through the earth and into a root-lined brick-walled tunnel. I have those lying all over my forest, so that makes total sense.

“We are safe here for now,” a voice shimmers and Ichabod and Katrina have a catch up conversation about What’s At Stake for everyone who missed the pilot. Useful new information, and the apparent purpose of this nightmare vision, includes an impending army of evil presaging the arrival of the Four Horsemen, the first of which “rises with the blood moon. She’s one of us.” says Katrina, imploring Ichabod to stop her before she kills again. Stop the evil, not Katrina. Although I suppose if Katrina is also a murdery-rampaging type then maybe Ichabod could lend a hand there as well.

Katrina fades into the mist5 and Ichabod senses something looming above him. He looks, sees… well all of it’s dark and dirty and only some of it is tree roots but I think there’s an evil figure with haunting eyes in the midst of the camera jerks that bursts towards him, waking him up (called it!) in a modest motel room.

  1. A city with a population of over 100K remains a small town if you have a sheriff and he talks all folksy.  
  2. There must be a name for that sort of shot and I’m sure someone will enlighten me down there in the comments.  
  3. Seriously Ichabod, first you hide in an open grave and now this. I really hope you make it through this series in one piece.  
  4. Okay, fine, I also would not survive being chased through the forest…  
  5. My brick-walled tunnels are generally mist free, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong. Maybe it was their placement nowhere near any graveyards or DJ booths.  

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