Survivor Blood vs Water Episode 2: “Rule in Chaos”

Survivor Blood vs Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor Blood vs Water (Photo: CBS)

The Hidden Immunity Idol comes into play following the first Redemption Island duel on this week’s Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Who is the first player to leave the game completely, and who is the next person voted out of the game?

Previously on Survivor Kitchen Sink: we were introduced to the 10 pairs of contestants in a race around the world competing this season. Each pair featured a returning player and a noob, with teams split into tribes based on those characteristics. Each tribe immediately voted out someone (Laura B on the newbie Tadhana tribe; Candice on the veteran Galang tribe) and both booked a trip to Redemption Island. Their former partners had the option to tag out, which Rupert took advantage of by saving Laura and sending her to Galang. After 20 or 30 more twists, the tribes competed in the first Immunity Challenge. After a massive handicap caused by Gervase’s lack of water skills, Galang came from behind to claim safety from Tribal Council. That didn’t stop Gervase from over-celebrating the win. Tadhana took umbrage, UMBRAGE I SAY, to these shenanigans, so they voted out Marissa as retribution. Sure?

Redemption Island

Marissa claims she was blindsided when she joins Rupert and Candice. Umm, you did have an inkling that your time was limited, Marissa. Probst calls every vote a blindside, so you can’t go by that. Anyway, the first duel of the season takes place on Day 4. Both tribes get to sit in the audience because there are a dozen or so more twists to introduce.

Twist the Seventh: Tag Outs

It turns out only the most-recent person voted out has the opportunity to swap out. I suppose that makes sense from a logistics standpoint. Marissa tries to guilt trip Gervase into swapping out, but her argument style may be secret validation for Tadhana giving her the boot early on. Gervase is all “you got this,” so Marissa is stuck on Redemption Island.

Twist the Eighth: Hidden Immunity Idols

They are in play this season. And to help the players find them…

Twist the Ninth: HII Clues

Whichever player wins the duel outright will be able to give a clue to the whereabouts of the Idol to whomever s/he chooses. The second player to win stays in the game. That means the third person will be out of the game for realsies.

This week’s challenge has the players weaving spools hanging on an extendo-claw through a vertical twisty maze. The maze is positioned on a spring, so hitting the edges causes the maze to shake. The players need to stack ten spools on the top of the maze. I feel like we’ve seen this in a final five or final four challenge. Marissa rushes at the start and knocks off spools left and right. The race is between Rupert and Candice for the most part until Rupert places his eighth spool out of line from the rest of the set. A light breeze was enough to knock him back quite a ways. Candice wins the challenge. Marissa has slowed her roll and maintains her new lead on Rupert. She places her last spool slightly askew, but it lasts long enough for Probst to count down from three, so she lives to see another day.

That means Rupert is the first player out of Survivor: Kitchen Sink. Yay. Candice gives the HII clue to her hubby John.

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