Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 2: Instinct

Orphan Black 1-2 (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)
Orphan Black 1-2 (Photo: Steve Wilkie / BBC America)

Sarah has to add a German accent to her arsenal as she needs to track down Katja’s briefcase. However, a third woman (a soccer mom? Yikes!) enters Sarah’s life. What’s the connection between Sarah, Beth, Katja and Alison?

Previously on Orphan Black: We met Sarah, a con artist who witnessed a woman who looked exactly like her, kill herself at a train station. Sarah used the tragedy to assume Beth Childs’ identity, but her cover required hooking up with Beth’s hot boyfriend Paul and getting enmeshed with an internal affairs investigation involving the shooting death of a civilian at Beth’s police officer job. Meanwhile, Sarah’s foster brother Felix had to contend with Beth’s ex Vic, going so far as to throw a pretend memorial and identify Beth as Sarah in the morgue. As if things weren’t confusing enough, Sarah met the German woman Katja, who also bears a striking resemblance to her and Beth. Katja was shot in the head while speaking to Sarah. Eeep.

The last episode ended with Sarah/Beth receiving a call on the pink cell phone, so she pulls over and answers as Beth. The woman on the other end asks if she made contact with the German. Sarah/Beth says she has but now Katja’s dead. The woman on the end starts freaking out along with Sarah/Beth. She asks if Beth found the suitcase, but Sarah/Beth knows nothing about the suitcase. The woman on the phone tells Sarah/Beth to find the suitcase and remember to get samples from Katja. “Samples?” Sarah/Beth asks. “Hair and blood,” the woman on the phone says. Oh, and Sarah/Beth is on her own for disposing of Katja’s body. Credits.

Sarah is out in a wooded area at night. She pulls a shovel out of the back of her car and starts digging. Meanwhile, the memorial service for Sarah has moved to Felix’s apartment. The drunken eulogies have begun and narrate Sarah’s current struggle with Katja’s corpse. Sarah searches Katja’s pockets and  finds a hotel keycard and her ID. “Who the hell are you?” Sarah murmurs. Later, Sarah cleans out the blood from the backseat at one of those self-serve car washes. She also orders new windows.

Back at Felix’s apartment, Vic continues to sob into his beer bottle despite Fee’s best efforts to get him to leave. Vic wants to see Kira, but Felix puts the kibosh on that idea because there is no way Sarah would sign off on that. The boys do one more shot before Felix escorts Vic out of his flat. Sarah returns to the flat as Vic turns to leave, but she ducks out of the way before he notices her. Sarah goes into the apartment to get caught up on what’s happened, such as whether or not her daughter thinks she’s dead. Felix says he doesn’t know what Kira knows. Felix sees some blood on Sarah’s neck, leading her to give an update on the German. He tries to ask follow-up questions, but Sarah’s staying tight-lipped. She asks Felix to check in with Mrs. S. and Kira to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. On the plus side, Sarah has the bag with $75,000…except it is filled with file folders instead of cash. Art clipped his business card to one of the folders so Sarah would know who swapped the bags. She throws a tantrum. The folders have information about the Maggie Chen investigation so Sarah/Beth can bone up on the material.

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