2013 Moments: Deaf Children’s Choir Performs “Euphoria”

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 (Photo: Eurovision.tv)
Eurovision Song Contest 2013 (Photo: Eurovision.tv)

Sweden knows how to put on a show. They were ready to host the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest thanks to the song “Euphoria,” and we heard a new version this year.As Eurovision selection shows go, Sweden’s Melodifestvalen is top-notch in terms of format and the entries it attracts. This year’s event had an added layer of complication as Sweden had to up its game a bit as host of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, an honor it won in Baku in 2012 with the song “Euphoria” by Calvin Klein Loreen. Though customary for last year’s MFV winner to perform during the show’s March finale, it’s a bigger deal when the previous winner goes on to win the whole she-bang. Because Sweden is awesome, they decided to make their song accessible to a wider audience.

The performance was re-created for the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in May, but I found the staging and filming of this performance to be much more effective. For at least the last three years, the deaf community has had some access point to the Contest, despite it being a singing competition. I hope this performance helps to keep that tradition continuing.

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