2013 Characters: Food Network Star’s Danushka

Food Network Star (Photo: Food Network)
Food Network Star (Photo: Food Network)

Danushka was not on Food Network Star to make friends. Or good food. Or win a reality show. But she was the most entertaining part of this year’s contest.

Food Network Star has some fundamental flaws. For starters, character development is not necessary to be a successful TV chef, but it is required to be successful on a competitive reality series. Do we really need to know the ebbs and flows of Ina Garten’s backstory? Or see Sandra Lee triumph through adversity? Although, having that information may have made Paula Deen’s collapse less of a thing.

The other major flaw to the program has to do with villains. As is required in the reality TV bylaws, not everyone on the show is there to make friends, which means the audience will be pre-disposed to dislike those contestants. On a show where the prize is a television show, there is NO WAY such a contestant will win the main prize.

Enter Danushka Lysek, a contestant on this past summer’s edition of Food Network Star.

As you can probably guess, there was no way in the world she would win. But she was the most quotable contestant on the series in quite a while. She managed to last for a few episodes, though her presence was missed instantly after her elimination. Is it cruel that she was cast as fodder? Perhaps. But her “fuck ’em all” attitude will probably cause any wounds to heal quickly.

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