Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 5: “The Dead Can Still Talk”

Survivor Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)

Tadhana is close to down and out on this week’s Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Caleb is a complete wildcard at this point, but Monica could also be a loose cannon for Galang.

Previously on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: Galang continued to be large and in charge, going 4-for-4 in immunity challenges. Of course, all these wins means the loved ones are getting a less-fun Survivor experience, particularly “Fuck You” Brad Culpepper. Eh, it’s his overplaying that is likely contributing to Tadhana’s poor performance. To wit: talking too much at Tribal Council and tipping off Caleb that he may not be safe. Caleb announced before the vote he would be voting for Brad and literally nudged Ciera and Katie into voting with him. The power play worked and Brad was sent to Redemption Island.


Tadhana reels from the legitimate craziness of Tribal Council. Caleb says voting out Brad wasn’t his plan going into TC, but Brad’s blah blah blahing caused his Spidey sense to tingle. Vytas cops to switching up his vote in the tie-breaker, which has Hayden extra nervous since that means he’s now the third wheel for the guys. Meanwhile, Ciera—whose narration points to a potentially dangerous/awesome player post-merge—is not complaining about the possible rift.

After the credits, we hop over to Galang and Laura M giving Aras a back rub. Now, on Facebook yesterday (according to Reality Blurred), Laura M was trying to disavow any sort of hanky panky that might have been construed from the scene. First, the goofy music underneath the scene undercuts any potential sensuality. Second: BARF. There’s more chemistry on The McLaughlin Group than in this scene. In other words, don’t stress Laura.

Redemption Island

With Brad in the duel instead of on the sidelines, there’s not much interaction between the competitors and the peanut gallery. Monica offers to take her husband’s spot, but Brad tells her not to worry. This week’s challenge has the players removing slats from the sides of a box and using the slats to build a bridge. Once the bridge is built and crossed, the players have to remove the slats that have paint on the reverse side to use as puzzle pieces. There are 12 slats with paint, but only 8 are used for the puzzle. The first two players to complete the puzzle stay on Redemption Island.

Candice takes an early lead in the bridge-building, but John and Brad overtake her and stay neck-and-neck through the rest of the construction. John finishes his bridge first and parlays that lead into a win. Brad and Candice go down to the wire completing their puzzles. Brad is half a second ahead of Candice and wins more time in the game. Candice hates losing, and probably really hates losing to Brad. Before she leaves, John gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Monica, which she promptly burns after Brad tells her to do so.

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