What Else Is On: Monday, September 16, 2013

Dancing With the Stars (Photo: ABC)
Dancing With the Stars (Photo: ABC)

We’re still a week away from the official start of the Fall TV season, but we have a few shows starting tonight, namely Jeopardy, Dancing With the Stars, and Sleepy Hollow. We also escape from Under the Dome.

Jeopardy! – Syndication, Check Local Listings

Our long national nightmare is over: new episodes of Jeopardy! start today. The show is celebrating its 30th season of the Trebek era, so expect some retrospectives and perhaps a special event or two throughout the season.

Dancing With the Stars – ABC, 8pm

I’ve been checked out of DWTS for the last couple seasons, but I am so back on-board this time around. Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano!), Valerie Harper (Rhoda!), Bill Nye (the Science Guy!) — this is one of the most interesting casts they have had in quite a while.

Sleepy Hollow – Fox, 9pm

Icabod Crane gets transported to modern day New York City in this new drama. At first I was ambivalent about this new series, but then I read that the Headless Horseman is one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Pre-sold!

Under the Dome – CBS, 10pm

The number-one-miniseries-about-a-sleepy-New-England-town-trapped-by-a-dome (no, not Newhart) wraps up its season tonight. It will be back next summer, which means that you probably shouldn’t expect any major resolutions tonight. I don’t why I stuck with this show, but if you need to get caught up, here’s a storify of my live tweets during the season. Enjoy!

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