By the Numbers: The Biggest Loser Season 15 Episode 1

The Biggest Loser (Photo: NBC)
The Biggest Loser (Photo: NBC)

The Biggest Loser is back for its 15th season with — oh holy of holies — one-hour episodes! Excellent. With 15 contestants, 3 trainers, and only 60 minutes, let’s take a look at this week’s numbers.

Contestants: 15

Celebrities within the contestant field: 2 – Former Olympic weightlifter Holley Mangold and winner of the second season of American Idol Ruben Studdard.

Trainers (in Marry/Boff/Kill order): 3 – Jillian, Dolvett, Bob.

Chances: 2. This is a “second chance” season.

Puke Montages: 1, though the full season preview hinted at more. Yay?

“Last Chance!” shouts: 0. No Last Chance Workout this week. Yay!

Coaches’ Saves: 3 – each trainer may save one person on her/his team from elimination.

The Weigh-In

The weigh-in has a Red Line. The team that has the lowest percentage of weight loss this week will lose the player with the lowest individual percentage of weight loss.

Team Dolvett (RED)

ContestantStartWeek 8Week 9+ / -PercentageTOTAL

Team Bob (BLUE)

ContestantStartWeek 8Week 9+ / -PercentageTOTAL

Team Jillian (WHITE)

ContestantStartWeek 8Week 9+ / -PercentageTOTAL

Coaches’ Saves Post Weigh-in: 2. Jillian saved Craig. Good, he has the right mindset.

My starting weight: 220. Let’s see if this keeps me honest.

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