Survivor Blood vs. Water Season Finale [Live Updates]

Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)

Season 27 of Survivor comes to a close Sunday as we find out who wins Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Live coverage here at What Else is On? begins shortly before 8pm Eastern.

Last time on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: Ciera won the Immunity Challenge, giving her and Hayden some leverage in possibly pulling Monica over to their side. Tyson and Gervase maintained their position that they haven’t betrayed Monica, though they don’t exactly deny that they were saying awful things behind her back. Possibly taking the next Redemption Island duel into account, Monica decided to play it safe and vote out Hayden.

Tonight: Hayden, Tina and Laura will have one final duel to decide who gets back into the game. The winner will join Ciera in a numbers disadvantage as they head to an Immunity Challenge. 5 will become 4, and another Challenge/Tribal Council will determine who will be the three players to endure what is certain to be an extremely bitter jury. Fun!

Along with periodic updates on this post following challenges/votes, tune in to @WEIOtv (embedded below) and @Rube_Goldberg on Twitter for running commentary. Be sure to vote for #BitterestJuror!

Update 7:45pm: Thanks to football, Survivor is delayed in a handful of markets, including the Cleve. Good news: the delay is only 6 minutes.

Update 8:15pm: Final RI Duel. The players have stand on boxes with one foot on a teeter-totter. A vase is on the other end. Last person with an unbroken vase goes back to the game. Laura is first to wobble. At 15 minutes, she has a major balance lapse but manages to save herself. Hayden keeps getting sweat in his eyes, loses focus and drops out.

Laura: “Tina, let me have this, please.” Tina: “No way, sister. This is a million dollar challenge.” At 30 minutes, Tina starts to wobble, her vase almost toppling, but she recovers. Laura lapses again and falls out. Tina returns to the game.

Update 8:32pm: Immunity Challenge. Set up blocks on a wobbly table, retrieving each block as the player holds a rope to keep the table level. First to stand all ten blocks wins. If the blocks fall, any block-in-hand has to be returned to pedestal and reset. It’s delightfully nerve-racking. The women take an early lead, but Tyson pulls out the win.

Update 8:50pm: Tribal Council. Monica reports she’s been on the receiving end of everyone’s sales pitch. However, the pitches all involved how the “villains” have demonized Monica. She says she’s been breaking down as a result. Tyson gives his HII to Gervase. Sigh. Ciera receives two votes to Gervase’s two, which means Monica went with the guys. Good luck, Tina.

Update 9:05pm: Run through an obstacle course to collect bags of puzzle pieces. Then go down a water slide and get the last bags. Assemble the phrase that pays with instructions on how to unlock the flag to win immunity. Monica and Gervase are playing the hardest; Tina falls wayyy behind. The combination requires the number of puzzle pieces, the number of steps on the challenge stairway, and the number of letters in…something. Tyson is first to assemble the puzzle and solves the combo on the first try.

Update 9:23pm: Tribal Council opens with Gervase pouting about Monica playing to win. Tina pitched to Monica the possibility of setting up a tie with Gervase so she could try to beat him in a fire build, but Monica didn’t bite. The final three are Tyson, Monica and Gervase.

Update 10:00pm: Voting time. The Final Tribal council is tweeted below (soon to be Storify’d above). Caleb votes for Ty$on. Vytas votes for Monica. Jeff walks to the live show to officially read the votes. There is no consistent dress code. The votes: Monica, Ty$on, Tyson, Tyson :), Tyson!, Tyson. He’s crying and audio gets bleeped. Eh.

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