Haikus: Dancing with the Stars Season 17 Week 5

We all reminisce / About most pivotal years / Of the dancers’ lives

10’s are awarded / Elizabeth’s “Excited” / Remini gets hosed

Christina Milian

2010’s the year

Birth to daughter, miracle

Divorce: he cheated

“Forget You” Cha Cha

Huh? Minogue’s “Locomotion”?

It’s nothing special

(Score: 28 — first 10 of the season. Whatever, Len.)

Jack Osbourne

Last year: house, baby

But: MS diagnosis

Fear for the future

Waltz for family

Nice rise and fall; needs grace or


(Score: 27)

Leah Remini

This past year was huge

She left Scientology

Do not sue me, please

Contempo to “Roar”

Puppet cutting off her strings

Not much dancing here

(Score: 22)

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