Exquisite Corpse: This Week on CBS Drama

Sherlock (Screen: CBS.com)

Personalities flare and criminals get creative on this week’s edition of CBS’s epic procedural All of Them.

Season 14, Episode 4: Gravity

Jane creates a phony list of Red John suspects and it gets stolen, endangering the lives of those named on the list. The team investigates the kidnapping case of a man who claims to be Callen’s father. A number comes up for a well-known New York lawyer who may have been responsible for the death of her husband. The CSIs investigate when contestants on a reality cooking show accidentally eat human flesh during a competition. The CEO of a financial consulting company is poisoned to death, and one of the suspects is a woman from Sherlock’s past. The new BAU section chief arrives, and he shares a long work history with J.J. Elsewhere, problems arise when Carter’s new partner spots her with Reese. Meanwhile, Danny makes a big decision in his relationship with Gabby. The probe leads the two to an Afghan women’s shelter that Mike Franks secretly supported for years.

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