10 Awesome Things About Scandal Season 3 Episode 10: A Door Marked Exit

Scandal (Photo: ABC)
Scandal (Photo: ABC)

Last night Scandal aired it’s Winter Finale and we all shed a collective tear because we have to wait until the end of February for more.

On Last night’s episode of  Scandal…Sally kills her husband, Quinn’s trying to play both sides and Olivia’s mother is now legitimately a terrorist.  That’s about all you need to know because there were so many awesome things to put on this list.

“I got myself here and I am takin myself to the promised land.” Sally Langston’s rant in the cold open and her husband’s rant. Followed closely by
 “Cyrus, I’ve committed a sin…the devil came in.” Sally Langston actually stabbing her husband in the back and her blood splattered face.

Quinn removing the tracking device in her mouth with a piece of metal from the bathroom paper towel dispenser.

The sheer amount of hours VP Sally’s husband’s deceased body spends in their home being moved around and poked and prodded until

“I’m screwing her you know, every chance I can get…she’s very talented.” Oh Fitz, that’s not the way to approach a girl’s father.  Because then Papa Pope will hit you with ‘You’re a boy, I’m a man…I am actually, quite literally above your pay grade…you love that she is your way out….don’t use the person that I created to make you a man.”  Don’t we just need to know what Eli knows about Fitz.

Olivia’s mother was stealing government secrets from her father.  But then we realize he really did love her and she fooled him all along.

David Rosen’s response to James trying to convince him that Cyrus may have murdered the ‘second husband.’  Apparently Rosen gave a test to his high school class while exiled from the legal system and one enterprising student decided to draw a penis for every answer.  We’re not sure which David thinks is crazier.

The little Podbuster from Scott Foley (Jake Ballard), previewing mid season filler The Assets.

Olivia’s mama does. not. play.  Made clear by her having killed her flight crew before or after having the plane land in a completely different country than it should have.

Random woman waiting around to ask David Rosen for what we think is career advice, actually has Sally killing her husband, on tape.

Epilogue – The moment we realize Jake Ballard has taken over Command, effective immediately and James tells Cyrus he won’t leave only if he’s made White House Press Secretary. Wait, and Olivia’s mom is still in DC.

Not Awesome – Sadly, it’s true, this was the Winter Finale the next new episode of Scandal
airs, gasp, February 27th.  So, stay tuned for The Bachelor kids.

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