5 Awesome Things from Last Night's Scandal – Season 3 Episode 2: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

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On this week’s episode of Scandal, in a nod to the idea of a Throwback Thursday, we keep one eye on the future of Olivia’s ability to fix what’s broken and one eye on the past that may have broken her in the first place.

In a proper Scandal flashback we see the real nature of Olivia Pope’s relationships with both her once-trusted father, and now-trusted associate, Huck.  it seems long ago, Olivia made a deal with her father that they would have Sunday Dinner together as long as he was paying off her law school loans.  That dinner continued until a homeless Huck saved Liv from would-be-muggers on a train platform and she promised to save him too.  Little did she know that telling her father about the man who saved her, including Huck’s subsequent rambling admission that he was an assassin for a secret government agency.   Being the smart, independent woman that she is, Olivia soon puts two and two together and realizes, duh!, that her father isn’t working for the Smithsonian, but is in fact leading THE secret agency that has trained Huck and other assassins on domestic soil.

Flash forward and we’re still in this very real “will the real mistress to the President please stand up?” Scandal.  Olivia tries to find a way to save suspect #2 (because Olivia herself was #1), Janine Locke.  The press is saying Janine and Fitz were alone in the White House on several late nights, Janine says her colleague was there too, and there are time-stamped instant messages to prove it.  Abby chases down said colleague, who gets on board and then proceeds to erase the messages anyway.  In rolls Mellie, ever the mastermind, who secretly makes a deal with Janine, and the young White House aide is ready to spill the beans about a fake affair with the very real President of the United States.  That is, until he preempts everyone and spills the whole, big can of beans himself.  The press and the public eat it up, but inside the White House no one can believe that sweet innocent Janine Locke is to blame.

And finally, in a late twist, Quinn’s been nosing around Olivia’s emails all episode and stumbled upon the Sunday Dinners with Papa Pope.  It Doesn’t take long for both she and Huck to figure out Olivia saved Huck around the time the dinners stopped.  Huck, in a seething rage, confronts Olivia in a dark parking lot and nearly strangles her to death before she reveals that her father is the one who’s been pulling his agency strings from the beginning.  Liv looks afraid of Huck, Huck looks afraid of Huck, we are ALL afraid of Huck, until just before the credits roll and a battered Jake Ballard appears at Olivia’s door, courtesy of Papa Pope and a reinstatement of Sunday Dinners.  Maybe Huck isn’t the only one to be afraid of.

And now, 5 Awesome Things:

“We are family sweetie, we are never done.”  That’s right, Papa Pope will do ANYTHING for Sunday Dinners.  In all of his menacing glory, Olivia just has to mention Sunday Dinners and he’s an entirely different person.  Wonder how that dinner goes on Father’s Day.

Abby’s cascading curls.  Out of the straightener and into the curling iron.  Apparently Abby the summer hiatus softened Abby a bit.  As she and former lover/nemesis David Rosen are on more cordial terms, the red head has lightened her look and we LOVE IT.

“Is your father Command?” Yes he is.  Olivia reveals to Huck that her dad is in fact the person who made him the obsessive-assassin that he is.  And we’re in that moment when you briefly forget Kerry Washington is the star of the show and cannot actually be killed, but the acting is so good you believe that if Huck doesn’t stop strangling her this instant this just might be the end.

“And I make jam.”  The weekly Olivia Pope – President Fitzgerald Grant confrontation has Fitz describing some fantasy of an alternate reality where he and his lovely wife Olivia live in a small town in Vermont where he is the mayor, and she’s happily by his side.  It’s not the Live points out that she’d make jam, it’s the face that she makes at the idea of making jam.  When it’s game time folks, you can bet Ms. Pope won’t be on the sidelines cheering, she’ll be leading the charge.

Wearing the White Hat -er Track Jacket? Note to viewers, Olivia Pope may no longer wear the white hat, but she ONLY works out in a white track jacket, each and every episode.

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  • Can we discuss Flashback David’s facial hair? Because I think that may be a future scandal this show needs to explore.