What Else is On: Monday, September 9, 2013

Million Second Quiz
Photo: NBC

Tonight’s television features the debut of a new multi-million dollar game show, the return of Monday Night Football, and  a Parks and Recreation marathon.

Million Second Quiz
Photo: NBC

Million Second Quiz – NBC, 8pm

This game actually began yesterday morning, with a giant hourglass in New York City counting down one million seconds as contestants participate in trivia bouts. One contestant sits in a Money Chair and earns $10 for every second s/he is parked there while the other tries to win the bout and usurp the seat. Livestreaming of the contest is available on the show’s website and through the show’s app, with tonight’s serving as a recap (hosted by Ryan Seacrest) of the previous day’s events.


Monday Night Football – ESPN, 6:55pm Eastern LIVE

Tonight’s game has the Philadelphia Eagles challenging the Washington Redskins.

Parks and Recreation – WGN America, 8pm Eastern

One of the best comedies on TV enters cable syndication on WGNA tonight with a season one marathon. Don’t worry: season one was only six episodes. We meet Leslie Knope, the over-enthusiastic director of the Pawnee, Indiana parks department. Although these episodes are not the series’ best, or an indication of how fantastic the series is now, they do provide the groundwork for the absolutely fabulous second season.

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