Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 13: To'hajiilee

Breaking Bad 5-13
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On Sunday’s Breaking Bad, Todd and Jerry need a boost in quality and only Walt can provide it. Hank needs more quality information to track down his brother-in-law. Jesse has a quality plan on how to catch Mr. White. There is top-quality dread throughout.

Previously on Breaking Bad: Lydia’s squeamish about her lot in life, Walt buried his money in the desert, Hank and Jesse have aligned, and Walt has had just about enough of Jesse’s shenanigans. Last week’s episode ended with him putting in a call to his fixer Todd.

Speaking of Todd, he and Uncle Jerry are holding a meeting with Lydia during a cook. Todd tests the latest batch and the purity is up to 76%. Kudos, I guess. Although this is a marked improvement over the 60% or so that Todd inc. had been putting out, Lydia’s distributors are going to raise questions about the lack of blueness to the batch. Uncle Jerry and Todd both say, in the right light, the yellowish-beige mixture is totes blue. Lydia is not impressed with this or their suggestion of adding blue food coloring. What impresses her later on is Todd admitting he burned that particular batch, but his cooking skills overall have been improving. Lydia leaves as “She Blinded Me With Science” plays on Todd’s phone. It’s Walt confirming our latest dread: ordering a hit on Jesse.

We rejoin Jesse, Hank and Gomez after the failed meet in the plaza. Gomez is not impressed with how things didn’t go down. Jesse’s plan is to get to Walter’s holy grail: the money. He doesn’t know where the cash is but he knows someone who does. However, the plan requires some setup. Back at Schrader Haus, Hank dumps what looks like a cow brain on the kitchen floor and adds the juices to the mix. It’s pretty gross and I’m not sure why he’s doing that.

We next see Hank entering Huell’s house to chat with the bodyguard. Huell sits silently as Hank recites all of Walt’s crimes. He then adds a detail which may or may not be true: that Huell is near the top of Mr. White’s hitlist. Huell doesn’t know why that would be the case, but then Hank says Kuby has gone missing and that Walt has already gotten to Jesse. Hank pulls out his phone and shows a picture of Pinkman next to the brain on the floor. Ohhhhhh, that’s clever. And disgusting. Huell starts to freak out and tells Hank about the barrels of money and that he and Kuby washed the van after Walter returned from wherever it was he went to drop off the cash. Hank chews on this new info and advises Huell to remain vigilant and not talk to anyone.

Walt meets with Todd, Uncle Jerry and associates to discuss the hit. Jerry asks for some background information, but Walt is not forthcoming. All he says is that Jesse is like family to him, so he wants this to be quick and painless. Jerry nods and quotes his price: Walt starts cooking for them until Todd learns enough to do the job right on his own. Walt rejects the offer, but Jerry says he doesn’t “skimp on family.” Walt agrees to do one more cook after the job is done. Jerry asks where they can find Jesse, but Walt doesn’t know. He has an idea on how to flush out his former associate.

Oh no. Brock is eating breakfast. I don’t want to know what Walt is going to do to him. Walt chats with Andrea and puts on his “concerned parent” mask. He tells her Jesse has been using again and wonders if she has been in contact with Pinkman. She hasn’t, but she gives Jesse a call to check on him. It goes to voicemail. Walt thanks her and heads out. When he gets in his car, he calls Jerry’s henchman who are parked across the street. He fills them in and says Andrea and Brock can’t know about or witness what happened.

The dread gets averted: Hank listens to the voicemail before Jesse does. “Nice try, asshole.” Han reconvenes with Gomez and Jesse at Schrader Haus to discuss the new info from Huell. The rental van didn’t have any new information and the GPS units that were included no longer archive data thanks to an ACLU case. Jesse raises an important question: does Walt know that?

Junior is helping Skyler out at the car wash. The cash register is not his friend and he things the “have an A-1 day” slogan is dumb. It is, but this episode has a runner about branding. Saul comes in and Skyler pretends not to know him. Junior is starstruck, then asks about Saul’s busted up face. Back outside, Walt asks Saul why he’s at the car wash and notices the lawyer is wearing a bulletproof vest. Saul says his bodyguards are AWOL and he has no idea where Jesse the loose cannon is.

Walt goes back inside and receives a text. It’s a photo of money in a pit. The phone rings. “Got my photo, bitch?” Walt is then seen racing through the streets of Albuquerque as Jesse taunts him over the phone. Jesse says he’ll burn all the money if Walt tries to end the call in any way. The taunting jabs every part of Walt’s ego, causing him to admit to everything he did for Jesse: running over the gangbangers, poisoning Brock for the good of disposing of Gus, everything. It doesn’t occur to Walt that someone, such as the DEA, could be recording the conversation.

Walt gets to where he buried the money in the desert. He doesn’t find Jesse, the money, or any sign of a problem. It takes a moment, but Walt realizes he got got. After a coughing fit, Walt rests behind a bluff. He calls Jerry to order the hit, pulling out the lottery ticket to give the coordinates. While on the phone, Hank, Gomez, and Jesse drive up. Walt wavers, unsure of how to proceed, and cancels the hit. Walt and Gomez, armed, search for Walt. He stands.

Hank directs Walt to drop his gun, approach slowly, and get on his knees. Hank gets out his handcuffs and arrests his brother-in-law. Walt gets Miranda’d, then is placed in Hank’s truck. Hank and Gomez chat for a bit, provide some verbal high fives, and this scene is reallllllly stretching. Then Hank calls Marie to tell her the good news. Then Hank throws himself a parade, cooks a brisket, then watches all the movies in 25 Days of Christmas.

Lo and behold, Uncle Jerry and his posse drive up. Jesse is hiding out in Walt’s car while Walt sits in the backseat of Hank’s truck. Walt can see in the rearview what’s about to go down. Hank and Gomez take up their arms and tell the posse of a dozen or so to drop their weapons. The posse asks if they are cops and to show some ID. This is not going to end well. Shots start firing. The standoff goes for about two minutes before we see end credits.

Next week onĀ Breaking Bad: I’m sure they all hug it out and laugh about it over drinks at the local watering hole.

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