Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 3: For the Triumph of Evil

Leftenant Abbie has to face her past with her sister and must face a faceless dream demon and when did Sleepy Hollow become Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

No previouslies1 so we’re right in with Abbie striding through SHPDHQ after being called in by Cap’n Brusque who introduces a forensic psychologist and walk-answers Abbie asking after Ichabod with “He’s already interrogating the suspect.” Well. That certainly makes me take this whole scene at face value.

The trio comes into the observation room to watch Crane cooly going after an unseen suspect with measured phrases like “We know you saw more than you admitted.” and “We mean you no harm.”” Which is exactly what the time travelling crazy people always say before they start their vivisection experiments. The good doctor posits that the suspect is setting up an insanity defense and that “She knows exactly what she’s doing.” “She?” inquires Abbie, netting only an expressive eyeballing from both the doctor and the Cap’n.

Ichabod slowly paces out of the way and we (and Abbie) see the suspect is… Young Abbie. Abbie murmurs in uncertainty and wants to know what’s going on. “She didn’t do anything… did she?” she asks the captain who, in a voice bordering dangerously on sagely, responds “I think you know the answer to that.” Abbie’s referring to her younger self in the third person. Between that and the enigmatic responses to her questions, I think we all know where this is going. That’s right – wacky clone episode!

Abbie strides into the interrogation room, but now it’s Ichabod sitting at the table with all-white eyes and stern tone in his voice. “Stop lying, Abbie. The truth will set you free.” Apparently there’s not enough truth in the room at the moment because the door slams shut behind her and now we know things are scary and claustrophobic because a) she pounds on both doors to the room and can’t budge them,2 b) the lights are flickering, and c) the camera is tilting side to side as it follows her around the room. This show. Needs to hire a cinematographer or a producing director is how that sentence ends.

Abbie runs about with a lot of properly atmospheric but rather ineffective “Let me out!”s, stopping in her tracks at a looming Ichabod who then disappears, and then gets loomed at by… well the Pale Man but with no mouth and dark, empty eye sockets that leak sand. It’s done well enough. And Abbie wakes up to her phone ringing3 at 5:25am to a request from emergency response to come to 3rd and Main.4

  1. Thank the spirits above and below. I’m still stuck on how… bad they were last week. Like they provided information in a manner that made me less interested in the show.  
  2. Why does the interrogation room have two doors? That seems like it would create a security issue.  
  3. Is there really a phone with that ring tone? It wasn’t just invented by the sound department? Which phone is it? Because I want to not buy it.  
  4. Okay, I’m pretty sure Sleepy Hollow doesn’t have a Main Street. There’s Broadway/Rt. 9 and Beekman and you know what I know this show isn’t set in the real place but still – there’s a road in Sleepy Hollow called Gory Brook! Why don’t they use that instead of being all generic?  

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