Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 12: “Rustle Feathers”

Survivor Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)

This week on Survivor: Blood vs. Water Tribal Council started at 8:42. That is not a typo.

Previously on Survivor Blood vs. Water: Laura was voted out. Um, ok, that was two weeks ago? And kind of a non sequitor? Hayden and Caleb decided to make a move to get rid of Tyson and tried to woo Ciera to their side. Instead, she took that information and started to play the guys against one another, pledging her allegiance to Tyson. Even after the guys of Kasama figured out what was happening, Tyson and Gervase could not get on-board. Although Hayden, Caleb and Katie stuck to their word to vote out Ciera, Tyson played his hidden immunity idol for some extra insurance. In the end, Caleb got snuffed.


The tribe returns to camp on Night 29. Hayden congratulates Tyson in front of everyone, letting the others know they will be finishing in no better than second place. I think the fundamental flaw in Hayden’s thinking is that he believes this game is a meritocracy, which is not usually the case. Yes, good gameplay is important, but likability is just as important. Tyson may very well make it to the end, but his arrogance and snarkiness does not appear to be endearing himself to the jury. If Monica makes it to the end 1, she doesn’t have nearly as much blood on her hands and her Immunity wins show she hasn’t been riding coattails. Also, Gervase starts acting up, claiming he has been playing the best game letting Tyson do all the dirty work. That should not be your argument if you get in front of the jury. Later, Tyson tells his comrades it will either be Hayden or Katie going home. Um, duh?

Redemption Island

We hop to the duel on Day 30 before we go to credits. Caleb, Laura and Tina walk in. Probst asks Caleb how he’s doing and he makes some pointed remarks about how one can’t trust the word of someone from Utah or Philly. This gets all the guys’ dander up about men keeping their word blah blah blah God, I hope a woman wins this season.

The challenge will have the duelists building a house of cards. The first two to reach the eight-foot mark or the tallest towers after 30 minutes have elapsed will stay in the game. Hmm. With the time element added, it seems to me the strategy would be to build a six-foot tower and then wait out the clock. Tina has trouble getting the base of her tower started, which does not bode well for her. Laura doesn’t seem to have any problems and completes her tower after about 25 minutes. Tina and Caleb are neck-and-neck at this point, with towers at a little over five feet. Tina starts to get frazzled and knocks over tiles on top without toppling the structure. Caleb is able to take the lead, but his tower has a distinct lean to it. With 30 seconds remaining, he goes to retrieve some more tiles when a stiff breeze knocks over the entire structure. Tina stops what she’s doing and counts down the last 10 seconds. Caleb is out of the game.

  1. I hope she does—she’s my pre-season pick.  

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