Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 3: “Opening Pandora's Box”

Survivor Blood vs Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor Blood vs Water (Photo: CBS)

All of the drama happens on Redemption Island on this week’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. There’s fighting, there’s crying, and there’s legitimate excitement during a domino rally. Also, the Hidden Immunity Idol causes a departure.

Previously on Survivor: Kitchen Sink: Rupert lost the first truel at Redemption Island, becoming the first casualty of the season. Candice won the truel and she received the bonus prize of a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol, which she gave to her husband John. Marissa says hi. Back at camp, Colton was not a fan of the Zen vibe on Galang while John’s gal pal Rachel caused some consternation within the dude alliance. Gervase beat Hayden in a game of skee-ball and won immunity for his tribe. Tadhana still doesn’t like Gervase. The dudes voted out Rachel in hopes of drawing out Tyson at Redemption Island.

Redemption Island

Before we go to this week’s challenge or the credits, we see Colton and Aras having a heart-to-heart. Colton was hoping everyone would be foaming at the mouth, strategizing and blindsiding EVERYBODY. Considering there are exactly zero schemers on the tribe not named Colton, this should not have been as big of a surprise as it appears to be. In a separate interview, Aras says Colton is the poison of the tribe and is trying to overplay the game by being a chaos generator. It’s not going to work.

The tribes arrive at Redemption Island and Tyson is not surprised to see Rachel in jeopardy. She calls out Brad for being the kingpin of Tadhana before telling Tyson to stay in the game. Tyson accepts this, then proceeds to trash talk the other tribe and puff up his chest. Brad takes offense at this and shares that he doesn’t appreciate the other tribe celebrating victories and having the audacity to force Tadhana to vote off people when they lose. Do you not know how this game works? Neither Tribal Council nor Immunity Challenges are Twist the Tenth—they’re fundamental parts of the game. Jeezy creezy. Marissa weighs in: “Fuck you, Brad Culpepper.” That too. Then Colton starts to cry. CREDITS.

So Colton’s had it with the game. Tina sums up the situation perfectly: Galang isn’t playing Colton’s game, which means he has no chance of winning. Probst interrogates Colton, bringing up his previous departure from Survivor: One World. The story at the time was that Colton was med-evac’d from the game for appendicitis. Probst says Colton quit, which Colton doesn’t really deny. He then forces himself into Caleb’s lap as he continues to sob. Caleb shows no emotion, which had me dubious and seemed to give credence to my tweet “You picked him, Caleb.” (Which I don’t think he found funny.) Probst sends Colton home. “Catch you on the flipside,” Caleb says. Caleb is Poochie.

So yeah, the challenge. They have brought back the Domino Rally task, where the contestants have to arrange tiles on a sawtooth platform. Not only do they have to avoid accidentally knocking over the tiles, the players have to guess proper placement and quantity to complete the course. Candice accomplishes this on her first try, winning the challenge and another HII clue, which she gives to John. Marissa and Rachel each have to rebuild a couple times, but the contest ends with a literal race between cascading dominoes. Rachel hits a snag on the last crest, allowing Marissa to complete the challenge. Tyson hugs his girlfriend goodbye and asks if she had fun. She did.

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