Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 11: “Gloves Come Off”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)

This week’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water is all about timing and trust. Alliances form on Redemption Island while another alliance begins to crack at Kamasa. 

Previously on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: Ciera and Laura became the last active pair in the game after the tribe sent Tina to Redemption Island. Ciera considered her long game and determined (correctly) that Laura was far more of a liability than an asset. The mother and daughter talked it out and agreed that Laura leaving the game would be Ciera’s best move. After Monica won Immunity, Kasama unanimously voted out Laura, effectively ending the Blood vs. Water twist.


The tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council on Night 26. Katie interviews that she was shocked Katie chose water over blood. Shut up, Katie. Aside from buying into Probst’s terminology, you are the last person who should be criticizing strategy. Besides, it’s not like Ciera was gunning for her mom—she had to make the best strategic move to prolong her life in the game. Everyone seems to respect the decision Ciera made, but Tyson confides in an interview that he has a growing concern about her. If she’s capable of voting out her mom, what else is Ciera capable of?

Over on Redemption Island, Tina expects to see her daughter walking up the trail and expects the moment to be bittersweet. “Mom?” we hear calling out in the darkness. Hehe, it’s Laura messing with Tina. Laura catches up Vytas and Tina about what happened and the three agree that Tyson and Monica seem to be slipping under everyone’s radar.

Redemption Island

Probst opens the introductions by hammering the point that Ciera, the daughter of Laura, voted out her mother with a vote that read “mom” at the tribal council where Laura was eliminated with Ciera’s vote. Did you get that? Laura says it’s okay and that she’s proud of Ciera. Probst doesn’t press too much more in the Ciera voted her mom out line of question and moves on to the challenge. Each player has four cubes in a rope tunnel. Once the four cubes are extracted, each player has to stack the cubes in a column so that no colors repeat on any given side.

The challenge begins and Laura and Vytas are the first to extract their cubes. I’m not sure why Tina is having so much difficulty, but she has some ground to make up. Laura completes the stacking first and wins the challenge. By this point Tina has caught up and the puzzle is such that a head start does not provide that much of an advantage. Laura notices Vytas trying to peek at her stack, so she spins the column and stands in the way. Laura also starts whispering hints to Tina. Probst announces this tactic, but apparently there’s no rule against it, so rock on Laura. Vytas is able to hear some of the hints and acts accordingly. Tina places her last block and calls for Jeff a moment before Vytas finishes. Probst checks out Tina’s column and she passes. Vytas is out of the game. Probst laments his fallen bro, who leaves the game with a “namaste, bitches.” BYE VYTAS. He’s my early pick for Most Bitter Juror. Laura gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Ciera, who promptly burns it.

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