5 Awesome Things from Last Night's Nashville – Season 2 Episode 2: Never No More

Nashville (Photo: Bob D'Amico / ABC)

Rayna and Juliette find a common enemy in the label’s latest bigwig and a common threat in Music City’s next big star. Here’s what else happened on last night’s Nashville.

A convalescent Rayna returns home from the hospital, Teddy insists on moving back in to take care of her and the girls. Maddie’s still mad at Rayna for hiding the truth that Deacon is her real dad. New Edegehill Records exec Jeff tells Juliette she should perform for the tween crowd because her new sound isn’t selling. Then he tells Rayna, Scarlett and Will that their nascent Highway 65 label is the future of Edgehill right before he tries to nab a contract with Will. Scarlett moves in with Deacon and spouts a bunch of good-for-him advice he doesn’t want to hear. Gunnar struggles with breakup blues and writer’s block. Scarlett’s BFF Zoey shows an interest in curing Gunnar’s woes. Whoa! That’s a lot of drama. Here are just the top five highlights:

Rayna’s first feisty showdown of season two Just days out of her coma, the Queen of Country Music is already storming into an exec’s office. When she tells Jeff off for trying to poach Will, he suggests they let the young man decide for himself. He wishes her luck. She fumes, “You go ahead and keep that luck. I make my own luck.” She’s back, everybody!

Juliette returns to the trailer park from whence she came and it’s super awkward In a cynical attempt to push her new album, Juliette drags Avery and a CMT crew to her depressoid Alabama hometown. She wears pigtails and flannel. A former neighbor practically bows in worship, then gives her an ugly quilt with silk screened photos of baby Juliette. A prying CMT interviewer gets the young star to discuss her long-dead dad. When the cameras stop rolling, Avery asks, “You wanna talk about it?” Juliette grimaces through her tears. “Just trying to sell records.”

Ain’t no pity party like a Deacon pity party ’cause Deacon’s life sucks First, he has to deal with Scarlett’s sad doe eyes and defiant jaw. All the time. Then he learns his only chance to play guitar again is immediate, excruciating, physical therapy on his busted hand. He chooses a cast instead. He finally reunites with Rayna at the creepy stuffed animal memorial where the accident happened and she tells him they can’t be together. When he rages at Scarlett that he’s lost everything – his daughter, his woman, his music – she calls BS on the music part. And when he finally admits to himself that she’s right, he goes down to the basement and gets all 127 Hours on the cast with a hand saw.

Avery becomes Juliette’s new Only Friend Stuff is weird with Deacon, her mom’s dead and the nice assistant left, so Juliette is back to being liked by no one, or so she assumes. When she wonders why Avery cares that she’s exploiting her own miserable childhood for record sales, he replies, “Because we’re friends.” She makes a face like, “Uh… hmm, okay. I guess I can be down with that.” Traumatic personal experiences aside, maybe Juliette’s just deeply introverted.

There’s a new rising star in town Enter Layla, a winsome, 19 year old, second place reality show contestant and Jeff’s latest project. Off the bat, she’s spooky ambitious. “From nothing to Nashville in just twelve weeks,” Juliette snarks upon meeting the starlet at a label party. Layla is all fake smiles. “I know, but the show, it just took forever!” Seconds after ousting her new frenemy from number one on iTunes, Layla then wows the crowd with a cover of Juliette’s “Gonna Get Even”. Daaaaamn. As Juliette scowls, Rayna takes it all in and tells her manager Bucky, “I’m starting to feel like I don’t belong here anymore.” Ain’t that right, grandma.

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    Meet the new boss, just like the old boss – how is this show so good at casting slimeballs that aren’t obviously slimeballs? Both record executives, Liam, Avery, even Teddy?