Doing the Lord's Work: Huxtable Hotness

The Cosby Show

Heidi Klum has nothing on Huxtable Hotness, a blog that determines what’s in and what’s out on The Cosby Show.

The way to my heart on the Internet:

  1. Doing a recap blog on shows that have been off the air for years, but are still pop culture touchstones.
  2. Questioning the sartorial choices of characters on a show, particularly if the fashion would have been controversial at the time.

Enter Huxtable Hotness, a blog which recaps The Cosby Show via the clothes worn by the Huxtable clan. This goes beyond the infamous Cosby sweaters—Clair, Theo, and especially Sondra and Denise get placed under a critical eye within the story rundown of each episode. Some of the choices hold up over 25 years, but others seem to be a stretch even by 1987 standards.

The blog covers episodes sequentially and is finishing up the fifth season. Check it out.

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