The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 7: Limbo

The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)
The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)

PITA loves Stephen, but Stephen loves Cara. Cara loves John, but she’s not sure about Stephen. Jedikiah doesn’t love Stephen’s negligence, so he cuffs his nephew’s powers. Oh, Tomorrow People.

Previously on The Tomorrow People: John iced a dude, even though he shouldn’t be able to do that, what with the dog whistle that stops regular TPs from killing. Cara’s less offended by the carnage than she is that John kept that secret from her. While John and Russell traveled to Portland for the latter’s dad’s funeral (R.I.P. stock Asian character backstory), Cara and Stephen’s relationship went from zero to 60. Sexytimes ensued.

A woman exits a building while a guy wearing a Campus Security jacket warns her there’s a maniac on the loose and it might be a good idea to have an escort to her car. She says no thanks and the security guy peaces out. The woman crosses the street to her car and hears a tweet or a slide whistle. She sees a maniac-looking man standing in the distance. The woman walks a little faster and hears another sound. The man is now on the opposite side of the road, but closer than before. The woman tries to get in her car quickly, but the man is finally next to her and warns her not to do anything stupid. She pulls mace out of her purse and starts to spray, but the man uses telekinesis to reflect the spray back into her eyes. He grabs her and they teleport out.

Stephen wakes up in a fancy-looking hotel and notices Cara’s not in bed. He stands up and walks toward the bathroom to check on his ladyfriend. She barges out wrapped in a towel and does not respond to Stephen’s flirting or proposal that they get back to what it was they had been doing all night. Stephen mentions that he tried calling out to her as he was waking up, but Cara explains water can be a psychic barrier. “Last night was pretty awesome…right?” Stephen asks, still trying to read the situation. Cara finishes getting dressed and warns Stephen that the couple whose room they crashed are on their way up from the check-in desk. She teleports out, and moments later Stephen is caught in his underwear by an older couple. Stephen grabs his clothes and makes a quick exit.

John and Russell have returned from their trip when Cara gets back to TPHQ. John bought Cara a stuffed beaver as a memento from the trip. She’s also caught up on Russell’s backstory and asks if he was a violin prodigy. Russell calls that comment racist. Uh, piano prodigy isn’t any less stereotypical, show. Anyway, Irene is tracking this week’s breakout: the maniac rapist from earlier. Cara can’t believe that someone would use their powers for something so evil, which is rather naive on her part. John correctly states that the powers are not good or evil but the person who uses them. John tells Cara she needs to get Stephen to check on this guy via Ultra, but Cara shrugs off the request. John notices this, but doesn’t say anything.

Over at Ultra, Stephen notices an agent packing up Darcy’s desk. Another agent (Perkins) picks a fight with Stephen for get two of his partners killed rather quickly. Jedikiah steps in to break up the fight and brief Stephen on the maniac case. His concern is that if the police get wind of this guy, it could complicate Ultra’s mission. Stephen is rather offended by the lack of compassion for the victims and excuses himself from the briefing. Jedikiah is not impressed that Stephen left without being dismissed, but Stephen believes his presence may be toxic to the team. Jedikiah suggests that he take a few days off to unwind and clear his head.

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