Irresponsible! Index: The Biggest Loser Season 15 Episode 6

The Biggest Loser (Photo: NBC)
The Biggest Loser (Photo: NBC)

This week on The Biggest Loser, we continue to see unfortunate fashion and hair decisions. Oh, and challenges that may or may not be lawsuits waiting to happen.

As a personal trainer and avid reality television fan, I find The Biggest Loser to be one of the most compelling and frustrating shows on television. Every week I rank the most appalling situations, quotes, and people on a scale from mildly irresponsible to downright dangerous.

Mildly Irresponsible

Once again Holley has inexplicable disappearing cornrows at the start of the episode, but at least this week they are not covering her entire head Bo Derek-style.

What’s with all the food metaphors? “We’re hungry to win,” “I’m eating humble pie,” these are all subliminal messages that they are starving. Literally.

The music that they play while beeping the numbers on the scale sounds like the “Dies Irae” portion of the most dramatic mass of the Classical music era. No need to be so grandiose, Biggest Loser.

Moderately Irresponsible

Craig wants to get down to 190 pounds by the finale. Which is a loss of 195 pounds in approximately…eight months? Someone please tell us how long the span is!

In the needlessly complicated challenge, they have to bounce heavy medicine balls off trampolines, and then quickly duck before the ball hits them in the face. I sure hope NBC’s insurance is up to date.

Rachel’s 3-pound weight loss is amazing for a woman who is (now) that small, yet the red team reacts like she murdered a kitten with a screwdriver.

Severely Irresponsible

Once again Jillian is trying to claim that caffeine supplements are in the best interest of contestants’ health. No, they are not. There is no regulation to ensure that the ingredients in those supplements are as advertised.

At the weigh-in, Holley is rocking a high side ponytail and hot pink lipstick. What is going on with this woman? She looks like she stumbled in from an ‘80s party of some sort.

Also at the weigh-in, Dolvett is wearing a pale-washed denim button-down shirt, a dark-washed denim vest with pockets, and a bow tie. Mixing denims is highly irresponsible. People could die.

Criminally Irresponsible

I must make two points about regurgitation. One, this show needs to stop acting like it’s the be-all and end-all of an intense workout. In actual fact, it is a sign that you have seriously mistreated your body. Two, if you are a big enough jerk to puke directly on a treadmill belt, you should move to another treadmill so that one can be cleaned before the vomit works its way into the machinery.

Weigh-in Results

White Team (Jillian)

ContestantStartWeek 8Week 9+ / -PercentageTOTAL

Blue Team (Bob)

ContestantStartWeek 8Week 9+ / -PercentageTOTAL

Red Team (Dolvett)

ContestantStartWeek 8Week 9+ / -PercentageTOTAL

Bob’s team finally breaks their challenge win streak as well as their weigh-in safety streak. After much pointless self-deliberation, Bob decides to do what everyone knew he would and use his trainer save. Next week: nobody is safe! Also: Thanksgiving (“in July” is inferred based on the filming schedule)!

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  • How are we six weeks into this and STILL have 13 people on this show? Even with next week’s double elimination, this show is on pace to finish sometime in 2016. Oy. It’s a good thing most of these people are likable—perhaps another benefit of the one-hour format.