The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 6: Sorry for Your Loss

The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)
The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)

This week’s Tomorrow People features Russell’s backstory (boring!) and we learn more about Stephen’s Ultra partner Darcy. Also, when John’s away Cara starts to play.

Previously on The Tomorrow People: We learn from John’s backstory that Jedikiah was able to pump him full of chemicals that can override the “no kill” dog whistle that most TPs have. When the TPs went topside for a night on the town, Ultra crashed the party and started shooting up the place. Cara saw John shoot one of the Ultra agents, learning his secret. Afterward, Stephen teleported on of the victims to a hospital, which is a major breach of TP protocol.

We are watching a piano player seven years ago. Dammit! I thought we were done with these flashbacks. The player is Russell, because he is Asian and therefore a piano virtuoso (slow clap, C-Dubs). There is a panel watching Russell play, so this is probably an audition of some sort. We see some of the keys play themselves, so younger Russell is already aware of his powers. Russell’s dad watches the performance from the wings but has an obstructed view of the keyboard and attributes some of the telepathic playing to a weak fifth finger. Russell tries to come out to his dad that he has powers, but he’s more concerned about Russell’s repertoire. Dad leaves and Russell kicks the piano bench, augmenting the distance with some telekinesis.

Back in the present, Russell is augmenting his pool game with telekinesis, hustling a biker at some bar. Stephen is with him and their cover story is that Stephen is raising money for football camp or something. Russell spots his next rube: a young African-American woman named Piper who must know a thing or two since she has her own cue and it’s a top-of-the-line piece. The game begins and Piper helps a bad shot by giving the ball a little TK nudge. Stephen and Russell both notice this and have a telepathic conversation to confirm their observations. Of course, if Piper has telekinetic powers she should also have telepathic powers. She bolts and the guys try to follow her. The guys catch her in the alley behind the pool hall, but Piper knows how to defend herself. With the help of her cue stick, Piper is able to quickly dispatch Stephen and Russell.

Cara and John are not as sympathetic about Stephen and Russell’s injuries as they had probably hoped. Given what happened at the party, there’s really not a great reason for the TPs to be gallivanting around at street level. Before the full lecture begins, TIM interrupts. The computer has been browsing the obituaries and came across one for Chan-Woo Kwon: Russell’s dad.

Cara and Stephen recap the events of the last several minutes back at TPHQ. Stephen adds that Irene is out of the ICU, but will need to stay in the hospital for a bit for observation. He may need to ask his mom to help with keeping Irene out of the hospital computer system and away from Ultra’s technological gaze. Cara walks away and John catches up with her to see if she wants to talk about what she saw him do with the gun and the bang bang and the killing (John is Jerry Lewis in this scenario, apparently). Cara reiterates that she doesn’t care about John’s propensity to kill as much as she is concerned that he seems to be keeping a lot of information from her. John says he is worried that he will lose standing within the TP community if they learn he is able to kill. I mean, we haven’t seen any evidence that the TPs respect John now, so his concern falls on some deaf ears.

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