Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 9: “My Brother’s Keeper”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)

It’s a double elimination episode on this week’s Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and I’m not talking about the horking that happens during a gross food immunity challenge. Who will join Aras in next week’s Redemption Island duel?

Previously on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: Laura M. won the last pre-merge duel and rejoined the game with the newly-formed Kasama tribe. With so many new people around, Tyson decided to play it safe and search for the Hidden Immunity Idol using some second-hand information he picked up from Hayden. It didn’t take long for him to find the HII, so Tyson has some power in his back pocket. That didn’t matter to Aras and Vytas, who thought they were on cruise control until the final Tribal Council. Vytas won the Immunity Challenge, allowing the five non-loveds (Caleb, Tyson,  Hayden, Gervase, Monica) and mother/daughter combo Ciera and Laura to bust up the brothers. They blindsided Aras, who will probably achieve nirvana within the solitude of Redemption Island. Everybody wins?


Vytas congratulates everyone for their gameplay, saying he didn’t expect Aras getting the boot and Aras really didn’t expect it. Tina is less congratulatory. “I can’t keep my mouth shut,” she preambles, which is strategically the worst way to start any sentence, not just in a game but in life. She proceeds to call out Tyson, telling him there are five jury votes he won’t be receiving because of this stunt. I’m not sure how her math works in this situation (who is number 5?), but that aside STOP TALKING OH MY GOD THIS IS NOT HELPING YOUR GAME. Tyson doesn’t take Tina’s bait, explaining he was pushed out of whatever alliance Tina formed with Aras and therefore had to take one of them out. The conversation ends once Tina grows tired of the taste of her foot.

The next day, Tina tells Katie “it’s not looking good for the home team.” Ya think? The former winner tells her daughter to do what she needs to do to further her own game. Katie interviews this was her wakeup call that maybe she should develop a gameplan. What?! It’s Day 22—what have you been doing the last three weeks

Immunity Challenge

Immunity? So early in the show? It must be a double elimination episode. Good. This challenge is one they haven’t done in a while: the local delicacy eating challenge (i.e. gross creepy crawly things). Round one splits the tribe into two groups of five, with the first three in each group to down a cup of worms advancing to round two. Tyson, Monica and Vytas are the “winners” in the first group while Hayden, Gervase and Caleb advance from the second group. Round two had all six players attempting to eat 3 ounces of pig intestines. There’s lots of vomit. Monica and Gervase are the only two to keep the offal down, so they advance to the final. The final challenge: the same grubs that were Gervase’s downfall back in his first season. Probst tries to turn this into a redemption moment for the veteran, but Monica has the edge. Part of the problem is that Gervase closed his eyes and tried to fling the grubs into his face from the plate, missing his mouth completely. It’s not like he’s in danger, but a little strategy in these challenges wouldn’t hurt him.

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