5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 7: She’s Got You

Nashville (Screen: ABC)

If you thought Jeff was the biggest jerk in the industry, wait’ll you meet Bobby Delmont. “People in the business call him Santa Claus because young girls have to sit on his lap to get airplay.” Eww.

Juliette, Layla and Will open the tour in Houston, where Charlie Wentworth is conveniently conducting business. He and Juliette resume their awesome sex affair. Rayna is flirting with Luke Wheeler so he’ll add Scarlett to his tour; it doesn’t hurt that he’s super hot, successful and really into her. Sad Maddie refuses to sing at Teddy and Peggy’s wedding and tells Rayna she wants to hang out with her biological dad Deacon. Scarlett is hooking up with ex-boyfriend Avery while her other ex, Gunnar, is secretly seeing her best friend, Zoey. Jeff approaches Gunnar about buying the song Will performed at the Stockholder’s Showcase. Juliette insults sleazeball radio host Bobby Delmont, who punishes her by showering Layla with air time. Will fakes an interest in Layla to boost sales, but also acts weird when he sees ex-lover Brett out with his new boyfriend. Still unable to play guitar, Deacon gets ready to sing a newly penned song at open mic night. Yes, crooner Deacon is back! Here are five other awesome things from last night’s Nashville

Deacon and Avery are the new Odd Couple Stumbling to the fridge with morning coffee in hand, groggy Deacon is perturbed to find his milk jug empty. He turns to see a sheepish Avery sitting at his kitchen table, eating cereal. Thus he deduces the young man is bedding his niece. After an embarrassed Avery scuffles away, grumpy Deacon is reduced to pouring old cereal milk into his coffee. Ah, the classic schlemiel and schlemazl comedy combo – dumb and unlucky.

Another day in the life of Glenn Horny billionaire Charlie is blowing up Juliette’s ego, calling her the New Queen of Country. Later, when she encounters creepy Bobby Delmont at a press event, she tells manager Glenn, “I am sick and tired of having to giggle like a teenager for that pig. It’s time he showed me a little respect.” Glenn just groans and says, “I’m not gonna like what happens next, am I?” Oh, but we will!

Juliette uses her bitchy powers of manipulation for good and evil After telling Delmont to keep his paws off her – “I’m just not seventeen and desperate anymore” – Juliette delivers an impassioned rant to Charlie about the perils of being a young woman in the industry. It’s like Sinead O’Connor’s letter to Miley Cyrus, minus the slut-shaming. When Charlie uses his connections to fire Delmont, Juliette is surprisingly pissed and tells her boyfriend to back off. She later summons Delmont to her dressing room, claiming she had him canned and rehired as a demonstration of her power. She forbids him from pawing the ladies, then demands twice as much air time as Layla. If Juliette isn’t your favorite character, you’re doing your soap opera viewer job all wrong.

The nuttiest person on this show isn’t even in the industry When Mayor Teddy suggests postponing the wedding until Maddie cheers up, Peggy warns him about upsetting his constituents. Teddy is taken aback. “Are you serious? We’re talking about my daughter here.” That’s when she goes in for the kill. “Look, you’re the one who wanted to run for Congress… You wanna walk your six month pregnant girlfriend down the aisle? Or better yet, you wanna have a child out of wedlock?” Crazy has a plan, everybody – hitch the politician before he figures out it’s a fake pregnancy.

Layla shows her hater face Encountering Juliette in an elevator after the show, Layla apologizes for missing her set. “I would have stayed and watched but this DJ came down from Dallas. I promised him an exclusive interview.” Juliette says she used to do a lot of “exclusive interviews” too, because she thought she had no choice. “But you do. You don’t have to deal with that crap. Anyone treats you like a whore on my tour, you come tell me, okay?” Layla laughs. “Guess what? I’m not you. You go save someone else.” All Juliette can say to herself is , “I guess ‘nice’ just ain’t my color.” That’s okay, J. We forgive you.

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  • Aaron Mucciolo

    Honorable mention for the cut-to-credits shocker? No need to be coy I suppose, this is weeks old now – so, woo lesbians? It’s a good wrinkle in the never-ending layers of fun this show puts forth, but its timing felt like a clear counterpoint to the anti-gay subplot.