The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 5: All Tomorrow’s Parties

Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)
The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)

The Tomorrow People try to get their party on while Stephen and PITA plan on celebrating Homecoming. However, a meeting with Jedikiah’s boss could put a damper on both events.

Previously on The Tomorrow People: Pain in the Astrid saw Stephen teleport and she vowed to figure out how he did that. Jedikiah lectured Stephen about how his kind is one step away from achieving evolutionary perfection, putting his share of the Darwin Awards in jeopardy (I’m presuming). The only skill the TPs lack is the propensity to kill, though John has been hacked by Ultra to overcome the dog whistle.

Stephen and Darcy are in hot pursuit of a breakout. Stephen has the Ultra stun gun, but Darcy tells him to hold back until reinforcements arrive. Stephen thinks he can take down the target and runs down an alleyway. He ends up in a courtyard with too many hiding places. You are not Beth Childs, Stephen. He thinks he spots the target and takes a shot. The target teleports behind Stephen and puts him in a choke hold. She also lands a solid punch to his eye. A buzzer goes off: Stephen has failed the simulation and Jedikiah is not impressed (DRINK!). Not only did Stephen disobey his superior, he did nothing to subdue the assailant. The kid comes up with some excuses, but Jedikiah cuts him and basically tells him to nut up and punch the woman in the face next time. This show has some interesting gender issues it needs to explore.

“Go home and get some sleep,” Jedikiah tells his nephew. “Can’t gotta study,” Stephen says. After he leaves, Jedikiah gets a call from an older gentleman of Japanese descent. The man is disappointed with Jedikiah’s work as of late, particularly the still-open cases of Kurt Rundell and Killian McCrane. I guess “Jedikiah is not impressed” is a result of a trickle-down culture in the Ultra management scheme.

Stephen walks into the noodle house, where PITA sits at the bar in front of some open textbooks. Geez, even know not to do that, nerd. “Hey,” Stephen says. “Seriously?” PITA asks. “We don’t talk for a week and all I get ‘hey’?” How are these two friends? It’s the least realistic thing on this show where people teleport, have telepathic powers, and can move objects with telekinesis. Anyway, the two chat about Homecoming and Stephen says he wants to go with his best friend. Have we met this person yet? Oh, he meant Astrid.

Stephen heads to TPHQ. Cara notices the shiner on his eye. She asks if Astrid gave it to him. “Different chick,” he replies. “Chick?” Cara asks, “no wonder she clocked you.” I like Cara. Anyway, she has pulled up the case file of a break out that has been captured by Ultra. This one is not in need of rescue because he has been using his powers to help inmates at maximum security prisons escape. Instead, Cara wants Stephen to be present at the neutralizing so he can snatch some of the neutralizing serum. We then meet Irene, an 18-year-old Yale grad who wants to study and create a vaccine with the sample. Stephen and Irene get some nerd-flirting in before Stephen agrees to the task. Werk, Irene.

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