Exquisite Corpse: This Week on CBS Drama

Crime Scene Investigation (Screen: CBS.com)

So much crime you’ll be *stunned* to know it’s all contained in one episode!

A closed hit-and-run murder case is re-examined. A terrorist attack on Los Angeles is imminent. Teenagers reported missing in Chicago commit a series of mass murders. McGarrett and Grover are forced to work together to protect national security when the governor orders them to serve a warrant to a young computer hacker. Finch receives 38 numbers at once, which turn out to be connected to a mysterious person who is instigating a major conflict between HR and the Russian mob. The Red John list gets even smaller and the case becomes the CBI’s primary concern. The CSIs investigate when a man is found dead in a human-sized hamster ball. Meanwhile, Mycroft tries to get Sherlock to move back to London.

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