Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 8: “Skin of My Teeth”

Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)

The first round of Redemption Island comes to a close on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, with the winner joining the newly-merge KASAMA tribe.  But there are several majorities in the new group of 11, making it anyone’s game at Tribal Council.

Previously on Survivor: Blood vs. Waterthe women of Galang thought they were in control of things on their tribe. They weren’t. Aras thought he was in control of things on Tadhana. He wasn’t. Tadhana won the immunity challenge, so Tyson’s proposed coup would have to wait. Instead, we were treated to Laura B. telling Vytas that the tribe was going to vote him out in front of the whole team. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrl. Surprise: Laura B. was voted out.


Tina thanks everyone on the tribe for having her back. I’m not sure what that was about—I don’t recall her name getting floated around last week. Vytas also thanks everyone, making nice nice since he now has everyone wrapped around his finger. However, everyone knows a merge is looming and from all the strategy talk, ERRBODY is going to flip if and when that happens.

Redemption Island

Laura B is rather indignant about her predicament. As she interviews about her frustration, the conch shell of mock sympathy almost drowns her out. Nice touch, editors.  Blah blah blah, Night 18 turns into Day 19 and Laura B., Laura M. and John head off to the arena. This duel is the big one: whoever wins is back in the game. The challenge is the Yul Kwan Elephant Tree challenge: hang on to a pole longer than everyone else.

Laura B. starts slipping immediately but manages to get a grip. However, John was like a treed elephant and eventually fell of his pole. Laura M. does not move an inch throughout the challenge, despite Probst urging Laura B. to find inner strength to stay in. That didn’t work. So, John and Laura B. are out and Laura M. will rejoin the now-merged tribe. Also, Laura M. gets a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol, which she promptly burns.

Camp Life

The tribe of 11 returns to camp to find a picnic feast awaiting them. While they eat, we get a Hayden interview where he points out that Ciera and Laura are now the lynchpin for how this first vote could go. If the loved one pairs—Ciera/Laura, Tina/Katie, Aras/Vytas—stick together, that’s a group of six. Ciera could pull Laura into their new alliance, but Laura could also pull Ciera into an alliance with Galang (he doesn’t know they have imploded, I guess).

Hayden isn’t the only one concerned about the reunited mother/daughter team. The two go for a walk and Tyson and Gervase try to follow them. Ciera and Laura are able to shake the boys, allowing the daughter to give her mom information. “Don’t talk to anyone,” Ciera says. She tells her mom she is part of a non-loved-ones alliance with Caleb, Tyson, Gervase and Hayden. Aras is the next to go if they can stick together. “Don’t play too hard,” Ciera warns her mom.

Later, Tyson goes for a walk to hunt for the Hidden Immunity Idol. He got info from Hayden, who I guess got info from John. John must not have tried hard, because Tyson found the HII pretty easily.

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