The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 4: Kill or Be Killed

The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)
The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)

This week we get John’s backstory when ULTRA and The Tomorrow People have to team up to take down a breakout who has the propensity to kill.

Previously on The Tomorrow People: we learned Cara’s back story, where she regained her hearing and voice and learned her powers after surviving an attempted rape back in high school. Unpack that, liberal arts majors. Stephen wants to use his powers to help people, even though the other TPs and ULTRA agree that’s a really bad idea. Also a bad idea: using your teleportation power in front of (Pain in the) Astrid.

This episode begins with a car chase set 15 years ago. You know, for a show called The Tomorrow People, they sure do spend a lot of time dicking around in the past. Anyway, the teen driving the chased car listens to The Offspring while several more cop cars attempt to surround the vehicle. One officer walks up to the car and opens the door. The driver is gone.

We see the driver (who we later learn is young John Young) teleport into a house and drop a backpack full of fruit. A couple other kids scurry over to get their hands on the goods. John walks to the living room and sees a slovenly man drinking beer. This is John’s foster dad and he looks like he is about to teach the kid a thing or two about a thing or two. When the jerky dad has his back turned, John grabs a knife and heads toward him. John gets dog whistled and drops the knife. The dad turns around, figures out what John was thinking and smacks the kid. Before drunk dad beats the snot out of the kid, Jedikiah appears at the front door and asks about John.

Back in the present, we see John and Stephen working on a teleportation tutorial. Stephen continues to struggle with this power, both in teleporting multiple people and with sticking the landing. John lectures that teleportation is about instinct and feeling, not intellect. Duh. Stephen heads home and is late for dinner, as usual. This time, Mom notices some bruises on her son’s arm and uses this as a segue into asking why Stephen has missed some doctor appointments and why he has an ULTRA work badge. She doesn’t like Jedikiah and were prefer that Stephen stay away. Stephen says he has an internship and it is important to him. Mom remains dubious, so she asks her son to invite Jedikiah over for dinner so they can chat about the internship.

At ULTRA, we are introduced to this week’s case. Killian McCrane has been setting off massive explosions in city en route to New York. McCrane is a former ULTRA agent who has an important tweak to the TP profile: he doesn’t get dog whistled when he tries to kill. He was fine as an agent until he went on a rampage a few years back. Jedikiah explains all this to Stephen on the way to his car in the parking garage. Stephen asks if Jedikiah can come over for dinner, but he refuses the invitation. As Stephen heads back inside, Jaedikiah starts the car. Stephen notices something igniting beneath the car, then teleports into the vehicle and teleports out with Jedikiah in tow. The car explodes. Killian must be in town.

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