5 Awesome Things from Last Night’s Nashville Season 2 Episode 6 “It Must Be You”

Rayna and Tandy don big hats for the Belle Meade Invitational Polo Match, while Juliette sports (and ruffles) feathers. Here’s what else happened on last night’s Nashville

Now that Lamar’s in prison and his assets are frozen, Rayna must find other investors for Highway 65. Tandy suggests schmoozing some of the old money folks from the neighborhood at the Belle Meade Invitational Polo Match. Fancy lawyer Megan is attending the polo match and invites new boyfriend Deacon. Juliette also receives a surprise invite, which turns out to be from married billionaire/ former one-night-stand Charlie Wentworth. Teddy announces his Music City Music Festival at a press conference and stealthily deflects reporter’s questions about his involvement with Wyatt industries. In an effort to get Scarlett some positive exposure, Rayna arranges a special critics’ performance at the Bluebird and considers asking Juliette to bring her on tour. Freaked out Scarlett seeks advice and other forms of solace from ex-boyfriend Avery. Gunnar wants to pursue a relationship with Zoey, but she regrets hooking up with her BFF’s ex. And given that Avery, Gunnar and Zoey all work at the venue where Scarlett is scheduled to perform, stuff is extra weird. Here’s the best of all that weird stuff

Teddy’s wedding announcement The other big news at the MCMF press conference is that Teddy is engaged to Peggy, which he mentions only after a reporter probes. Hmm. “Ms. Kenter and I are going to be married next week in a private ceremony. We’ve been longtime friends and colleagues. We became involved well after my divorce.” Ha! If the passage of time on Nashville parallels reality, this means they started dating two weeks ago. Nice cover for the (fake) bun in the oven, Teddy.

Juliette is awesomely bad at mixing with the super rich She tries dressing the part, but shows up to the polo match wearing a Big Bird-inspired feather headpiece. When she discovers Charlie has invited her despite her efforts to brush him off, she totally loses her cool. The two share heated words near the stables, but are interrupted by a loud screech. Juliette seethes, “According to Wikipedia, that horn means the game’s about to start,” then stomps off. But it’s more like a stumble, because apparently she’s forgotten how to walk in heels.

Rayna is a surprise loser Rarely do we see the Queen of Country come out anywhere other than on top, but boy does she blow it. She sucks at courting potential investors, hitting up one of her dad’s angry ex-partners. Then she questions touchy Tandy’s knowledge of Lamar’s misdeeds. And when she figures out Juliette has something going on with Charlie, she offers some ill-conceived maternal advice about not upsetting her women fans. Juliette blows up, saying Rayna can forget about Scarlett opening the tour, then stomp-stumbles away. Way to go, Rayna.

Deacon is a surprise winner As the Guy Least Likely to Show Up to Any Party, no one expects him to have fun at the polo match. But it isn’t long before he’s regaling Megan’s colleagues with funny stories about being a drunk rock star. “So I get home that night and I barely, I don’t even make it to my bunk I just crawl to the back of the tour bus and I don’t wake up until after noon. And it is bright and I look out the window and I’m looking for mountains, ’cause it’s Denver, but I see cactus. And I don’t know why so I go to the front to ask everybody and I don’t know a damn person on the bus.” And everybody laughs! Looks like even those among the 1% can’t resist a great AA story.

Zoey makes codes to break codes At the beginning of the episode, she spurns Gunnar, saying, “I broke the stupid girl code…You know, thou shall not sleep with or date their best friend’s ex until they’ve moved on or gotten married or fled to China.” At the end of the episode, she corners Gunnar in the back of the Bluebird and says, “I changed my mind. Everything I said this morning was wrong. I take it all back,” and then they make out… WHILE HER BEST FRIEND/GUNNAR’S EX IS PERFORMING ON STAGE. Isn’t there another code somewhere in there?

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