The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 3: Girl, Interrupted

The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)
The Tomorrow People (Photo: The CW)

Eavesdropping is the main source of danger in this episode of The Tomorrow People, as we learn more about Cara’s past and Stephen’s potential future with (Pain in the) Astrid.

Another episode starting with a flashback. Oy. This time we’re at a high school dance where one dude sees a women who looks like a chaperone looking around nervously. Oh, it’s Cara. She looks older for some reason. Anyway, the guy talks to her and the audio is all muffled, and not because of the music. The two sneak off for a drive in the woods. They start making out but when the guy starts getting handsy, Cara puts up a fight. Things escalate and Cara runs away with the guy chasing after her. He catches her in a field and pins her down. Before he can do anything to her, she lets out a scream amplified by telekinesis. The dude flies back and bangs his head on a rock.

Back in the present day, Cara’s on the subway when a guy asks if she’s done with her newspaper. She hands it to him and walks away, overhearing him kicking himself for using a lousy pickup line. The train empties and Cara teleports herself to TPHQ. John is working with Russell and TIM to hack into the ULTRA network, but they are going to need Stephen to get access to the mainframe. Uh oh, hacking the mainframe? Is this 1998? I love a goofy cyberthriller, but that’s not what I want from this show.

Meanwhile, Stephen and (Pain in the) Astrid are at a party. I assume they’re crashing it since neither of them seem to have friends, including each other. Stephen passes the time by overhearing the thoughts of other guests and then responding nonchalantly. This doesn’t go over well, particularly when head case Emily thinks to herself “thank the non-existent god in 48 hours I will be dead.” I take back my earlier outrage. I meant “Is this 1996?” #angst. The background music is that Robin Thicke song that sounds like a Midnight Vultures reject, setting the wrong temporal tone.

After we see Jedikiah “neutralize” a breakout with an injection to the neck, we join a team meeting at TPHQ. John needs Stephen to break into a restricted computing area to get a dongle past the firewall so TIM can get upgraded with ULTRA’s programming. That’s some flimsy IT security on ULTRA’s part. Stephen can’t be bothered though as he tells Cara what he overheard at the party. Cara says the 3Ts aren’t supposed to be used to intervene. “We’ll be lucky if we can save our own species,” she tells him. Credits.

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