Survivor Blood vs. Water Episode 6: One-Man Wrecking Ball

Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)
Survivor: Blood vs. Water (Photo: CBS)

Survivor introduces its tenth twist of the season this week: tribal swap! The new configurations put alliances to the test, and we learn some valuable lessons on information sharing and trust.

Previously on Survivor: Blood vs. Water: The returning players on Galang had been dominating the game, winning the first four immunity challenges. Last week, the tide turned as Tadhana showed their ring toss prowess and won their first immunity challenge. Although Laura B was an easy mark as the outsider of the tribe, Aras looked down the road and wanted someone to take out Brad on Redemption Island. Laura M was the only other Galang member not part of the core alliance, so she ended up booted in a unanimous decision.


Galang: Night 13. Laura B was sad to see someone go, but she’s not bummed it wasn’t her. Meanwhile, Aras isn’t too thrilled about what may go down at Redemption Island. Apparently, Laura M gave him a look as she took her torch to get snuffed and he expects to get retribution for it at the duel. He doesn’t want to be outed as the ringmaster since that didn’t go so well for Brad. No, what didn’t go well for Brad is that he denied being the ringmaster instead of owning it and went out of his way to make himself an unlikeable putz. …Oh. Now I see Aras’ point. The next day, Tyson and Gervase talk some more about things down the road and Gervase is more open to the idea of cutting Aras loose sooner. I’m not a Tyson or Gervase fan, but I like where this thread in the story may be leading. Credits.

Redemption Island

There isn’t much pomp or circumstance at the duel, as Laura vetoes the prospect of Ciera swapping in before Probst even finishes the question. On to the challenge, Laura, John and Brad will cross a balance beam, untying a bag of tiles along the way. Once across, each player puts their tiles in numerical order before crossing again to retrieve another bag. The first two players to put their tiles in order from 1 to 100 stays in the game. Exciting, right? Right?!

There’s no sense in trying to draw this out. Katie smokes the challenge. John and Brad sort of race toward the end, but John finishes first, knocking out “Fuck You” Brad Culpepper. He apologizes to Monica for being an anchor rather than a shield in her game before taking his leave. Laura gives the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Vytas, which is rather smart. He, of course, follows Probst down to the fire pit and tosses the clue in. John and Laura are dismissed.

Before the tribes are dismissed, Probst has one more piece of business to attend to. Since no one is taking the Hidden Immunity Idol clues or using the swap-out option at duels, it’s time for Twist the Tenth: a tribal switch. Probst presents a tray of buffs in tubes. Galang gets first choice of mystery tubes. Tyson says he would like to get the last one and let fate decide. Probst repeats the request, executing a rarely heard eyeroll in his tone AS HE SHOULD.

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